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  • The Barn

    Starting in ‘Blueberries’ and moving through to ‘Cherries’, The Barn caters to children aged 3 months to 5 years.

    Our rooms are bright, spacious and open plan with direct access to the beautiful garden, where the children are encouraged to grow fruits and vegetables, dig and explore.

    We have our own milk kitchen and provide everything your baby needs during their time with us, including formula milk, organic purees and nappies.

    We feel it is important that individual routines and care needs are discussed and agreed in partnership with you to ensure that their care at nursery is consistent with their care at home and meets their unique patterns and routines.

    We are passionate about ensuring that children leave us ready and excited for school. The transition to school is often a daunting time for parents which is why we offer additional support and guidance on ‘School Readiness’.

    Our curriculum focuses on building independence for all. From the age of 1, children are encouraged to prepare their own snacks and pour their own drinks.

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