• Frequently asked questions

  • What is included in the fees?

    Our fees are all inclusive. We provide breakfast, healthy snacks, lunch and high tea. Babies receive organic purees and formula milk where required. In addition to this we provide nappies, wipes, Sudocrem and sun cream.

    Is there provision for storing buggies?

    We have buggy sheds at all of our nurseries for you to store buggies and car seats.

    How often do children play outside?

    We encourage the children to play outside in all weathers and have the opportunity to access outdoors at all times. Therefore we ask that you provide wellies and a waterproof coat or all-in-one. We do have some spare wellies and waterproofs for emergencies.

    What do the children drink and eat?

    Children have access to water at all times throughout the day. Breakfast consists of cereal and toast, milk and water. A hot lunch is provided. During winter months a hot high tea is served. During the summer we serve a cold tea. Lunch and tea is provided by Zebedees lunchbox


    What does my child need to bring to nursery?

    A named bag to contain a spare change of clothes. Your child’s comforter if he or she has one. A water bottle (optional)with your child’s name written clearly on it. However, we do always have named beakers for your child to drink from at any time of the day so you need only bring your own bottle if you think your child is more likely to drink from it than from the beaker provided by us.

    How do I settle my child or children in?

    One month prior to your child’s start date, your child’s key person will contact you to arrange settling in visits for the 2 weeks directly before your child starts attending. All children are different and the amount of time that a child takes to settle into nursery can vary enormously. Therefore, children will be given time to settle in at their own pace, so as to make them feel welcome, safe and confident in a new environment. You can visit as many days as you feel necessary during the two week settling in period and we recommend a minimum of 4 visits.  Parents are asked to stay in the nursery each day until they feel confident that their child is settled.

    Do you offer any extra activities?

    We offer lots of extra activities. These include: music making; drum sessions; French lessons; swimming lessons; visits from fire fighters, police, and paramedics and vets etc. Please check with your chosen nursery as to what is on offer.  We also go out on local walks and our pre-school children have an annual summer trip to Drusillas or similar.

    What qualifications do your child carers hold?

    Every room has a lead senior practitioner with a minimum level 3 qualification. The majority of the team are Level 3 qualified, right up to and including degree level. Any staff who are at Level 2 progress onto a Level 3 qualification as soon as possible.  Every staff member is paediatric first aid trained.  All our staff regularly attend in-house and external courses, to ensure they are kept up-to-date with their knowledge and maintain the highest professional standards.

    Are all your staff DBS checked?

    Yes, all our staff have been DBS checked. We also request health checks for our staff and a minimum of two references.

    What happens if my child is ill?

    If your child becomes ill at nursery, his or her condition will be immediately brought to the attention of the manager or a senior member of staff.  Symptoms, including any visible signs and body temperature will be closely checked and monitored, and you will be immediately informed.  We will discuss with you how best to deal with the matter, including whether you will need to collect your child from the nursery.

    We recognise that it can be frustrating when a child is excluded but it is important to bear in mind that the exclusion is for the benefit of all children in the nursery. Bluebell Nurseries adhere to the Department of Health guidelines regarding incubation periods and exclusions.

    Will I get regular feedback on my child’s progress?

    At the end of each day, parents of babies will receive a daily sheet which details the child’s day, the activities they have participated in, how much food/ milk they have consumed and any sleeps they have had.

    When your child progresses to the older age groups, staff will discuss your childs day with you at collection. In addition to this, a daily feedback chart will be displayed with details of meals consumed and sleep times etc. This enables parents to check how their child has eaten during busy collection times.

    Your child’s progress will also be recorded in their online Learning Journey. This will include items from their activities, photographs and observations. We encourage parents to add items to the online Learning Journey too. Parent’s evenings are held twice a year.

    What happens when a member of staff is ill?

    We have a bank of reliable practitioners who are able to cover when a regular practitioner is ill.

    How do you monitor access to the nurseries?

    All parents/carers have to use the intercom before being admitted. Only people who are pre-authorised by parents can collect children from our nurseries (collection authorisation forms have to be filled in and signed) and no one is allowed access to the building without being acknowledged by a member of staff.

    Do I have to pay for Bank Holidays or Christmas closure?

    No – we do not charge parents for Bank Holidays or Christmas closure because the nursery is closed on these days.

    Do I still have to pay if we’re on holiday?

    Yes - you do still have to pay while you are on holiday to preserve your child’s place at nursery

    What is the EYFS?

    The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) are the statutory curriculum guidelines for all early years providers. The EYFS provides guidance and support for childcare providers on meeting the overall emotional, physical and developmental needs of all children.

    How do you keep in touch with parents?

    We value our relationships with parents and believe that it is very important to establish good parent partnerships. We regularly update our website to communicate useful information to parents, we send out regular newsletters and correspondence via email and we display notices with details of any special events or activities that are taking place at nursery.

    Who should I talk to if I have a problem?

    Should you have a problem, however big or small, your child’s key person and/or nursery manager will always be available to talk to.

    What happens if my child is upset or won’t settle?

    No child will ever be left distressed at any time. A few tears on separation from a parent can easily be overcome but if a child became very distressed, and staff were unable to comfort or distract them, then parents would of course be contacted.

    What about toilet training?

    When children are ready to start toilet training, our staff are happy to support parents and children in this process.

    How many sessions do you think my child should do when they first start?

    We recommend your child attends a minimum of 2 sessions a week. However we understand that parents and children have different needs.

    How can I become involved in my child's early education?

    We invite parents and carers to fully participate in this important time in their child's education. You are very welcome to come in and help during sessions and perhaps you have a skill you would like to share with the children....

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