• Why choose us?


    When choosing who will be involved in bringing up your child, it is a good idea to get as much information as possible. We believe that compared to some other options, a nursery environment offers greater social opportunities with peers and carers which helps to develop their confidence. Activities are planned according to children’s ages and routines can be flexible due to the higher number of staff- which is especially important for babies. Staff teams have a variety of different characters and skills, which means that children are able to be matched with keyworkers based on their individual personalities. Nurseries offer childcare from early morning to evening, even when staff are sick and are open all year round.


    • Good and Outstanding nurseries
    • We offer full day care, morning and afternoon sessions for 51 weeks of the year
    • Early drop offs from 7am and late picks up until 7pm
    • Fully-inclusive nurseries providing all food, formula milk, nappies and wipes
    • Organic purees for our babies
    • All day access to fruit, milk and water
    • Sibling discount
    • Unlimited settling in sessions with no extra charge
    • Online learning journeys with parental access at any time
    • Individual key-workers and co-key workers
    • Extra curriculum activities including annual trips out, swimming, drumming and French lessons
    • Free flow opportunities, where children have access to the indoor and outdoor areas
    • Open door policy for all parents
    • Twice yearly parents evenings
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