• Food and Nutrition

  • Here at Bluebell Nurseries, we believe it is vitally important for children to eat high quality, nutritious meals.

    Breakfast, a mid-morning snack, hot lunch and afternoon tea are provided for all our children. Fresh fruit, milk and water are on offer throughout the day.

    Our menus are rotated weekly so children received a variety of different meals. All dietary requirements are catered for and discussed with parents during settling in visits.

    We operate a strict no nut policy in the nurseries.


    Zebedees supplies our lunch and tea  and are committed to making meals nutritious, balanced and enjoyable for the children. They work closely with Sarah Almond, a paediatric dietician to design their menus. All of their menus conform to the Caroline Walker Trusts under 5’s guidelines and standards set out by the Children’s Food Trust and Department for Education.

    Find more information, including menus, at www.zebedees.co.uk


    We aim to promote positive attitudes towards healthy eating through play opportunities, activities and games. We believe that meal times should be viewed as happy, social occasions for both children and staff. The staff team act as good role models by eating with our children, encouraging good table manners and conversation. Staff use meal and snack times to help children develop independence through washing hands, making choices, serving food, drinks and feeding themselves.


    Babies in our care use high chairs and the more stable sitters use small chairs and tables. We provide organic purees and meals are prepared to suit their individual stage of development.


    We aim to make our mothers feel comfortable in our nursery should they wish to breastfeed their babies whilst here. We will provide the mother with a comfortable seat and refreshments. Expressed milk can be stored in our fridges and freezers


    As a full day nursery we are able to claim free cows milk for every child, 189 ml (1/3 pint) of milk for each day they attend.


    We follow the Children’s Food Trusts campaign ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ to ensure that we meet the welfare and nutrition requirements set out in the EYFS and by the Department of Education.

    All three of our nurseries have received the highest level of Food Hygiene Standards.

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