At Bluebell Nurseries we believe it is vitally important for children to eat high quality, healthy meals. All our menuus are drawn up by a qualified dietician; meals are freshly prepared and nutritionally balanced. We cater for all dietary requirements. Menus are changed weekly and are always on display for parents to view.

      Breakfast, a healthy mid-morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea are provided for all children.  Mealtimes are really important as they allow children to develop their social skills. Our staff sit with the children, encourage conversation and help where needed. Fresh fruit, milk and water are on offer throughout the day.

      Our meal supplier, Zebedees Lunch Box, says the following:

      We provide a complete and comprehensive service to our nurseries, including hot lunches, cold afternoon teas and an organic puree range.

      We work closely with Sarah Almond, a paediatric dietician to design our menus, which are analysed using specialist software to ensure they meet the specific dietary needs of nursery age children. We are proud to announce that our lunch and tea menu together now meet the Caroline Walker Trust daily nutritional guidelines for under 5s. This is a fantastic achievement and ensures that the children we cater for receive a low intake of salt, but the right levels of carbohydrates and nutrients.

      We cater for most allergies and food intolerances, as well as cultural diets. We supply all of our nurseries with a contents menu which lists all ingredients contained within each dish, an easy reference allergy guide for our main menus and a display poster detailing our food serving guidelines.

      Please read more about Zebedees at: www.zebedees.co.uk

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